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    My name is Donna Ben-Shaprut Arbietman and I wear many hats, and even more shoes! I’m a marketing and PR expert, author, design enthusiast, and mommy of 3. I started Sohome Market as a blog where I could talk about design, style, home décor, home fashions, and my everyday life. And what a journey it has been since I started this simple blog! I found that every time I would post pictures or mention specific products, I’d get an overwhelming number of requests from you guys about where you could buy these beautiful décor pieces for your own homes. So, I decided to try on another hat and turn Sohome Market into an e-commerce site where my readers could also purchase these beautiful goodies at reasonable prices. Rest assured that whatever is selling here has been handpicked by me and is only at the lowest price out there. Looking for specific product? Need design advise? Let me know! This is about inspiring and being inspired, and I welcome any comments, feedback and input. Let’s get creative!