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    5 Tips To Create The Perfect Workspace In Your Home

    5 Tips To Create The Perfect Workspace In Your Home

    Creating a comfortable home office takes more than just placing a desk in a room. Believe me, I know. I tend to work a lot from home, and I know how easy it is to lose focus or let that laundry pile distract you. But since your working space has a huge effect on your productivity, it is super important that you set up an inspiring space that you can feel comfortable in. So here are my tips to maximize your workspace and avoid distractions!

    Make the most of your space. Even if you don’t have a dedicated room in your home for an office, you can fit small spaces for your needs. Use your walls for storage by hanging shelves or planters for writing implements, so you don’t end up having paper and office supplies everywhere. Utilize the space under your desk for your printer or drawers (but don’t forget to leave enough space for your legs).


    Add your personal touch. Your office should be a space you enjoy spending time in. Sure, you can even work in a solid, gray corner, but enjoying your workspace increases your productivity. Add your personal touch to your office aesthetic with framed pictures, objects you collect or stick to a theme that you love. Keep in mind that having too much decoration is also a distraction, so don’t overdo it.

    Lighting is important. Usually, we tend to push the desk up against the wall, in a dark corner of the room. That only creates a cubicle-like atmosphere. Move your desk next to a window to embrace the natural light and also make it easier for you to turn away from your screen from time to time and look outside. For additional lighting when you work at night, try adding a few table lamps. Unlike overhead house lighting, table lamps provide a warm glow and an interesting design.

    Make it comfy. Thinking-breaks are very important for your creativity. If you have enough space for it, create a comfort zone in your home office by adding a soft chair and a great coffee table. Make it even more relaxing with a cozy area rug or and luxurious throw. And even if you take a little nap, no one would know!

    Killington area rug

    Keep everything you need within reach. When you’re working from home, every time you step out of your office is a potential distraction! Household tasks, family members, pets… all of these can draw your attention. It’s a good idea to keep everything you need handy, like office supplies, a coffee maker, and small snacks. Just don’t forget to take breaks from time to time - as you do need them!