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    Decorating White Rooms

    Decorating White Rooms

    White interior - white walls, white floors, white furniture. Ah. the freshness! I’ve never seen a white room that I didn’t love, it’s so clean and airy, sometimes even bold, but most people find it awfully boring (or extremely impractical)! Since I’m thinking lately to redecorate, I’ve gathered these wonderful tips for both you and I, to help us make more room for whites in our homes.

    Don’t ignore the different shades of white.

    It’s easy to relate to all the white undertones as “white”, but keep in mind that there are so many variations! From warm, yellowish or milky undertones, to crisp, blueish, cool undertones - each variation will set a different mood in your space. Consider the appearance you want to achieve, either it’s warmer or cooler, but also remember the natural lighting in the room. Because if it gets a lot of natural light, then it probably already looks warmer, therefore a cooler shade of white would look better, and vice versa.

    Lafayette accent rug home dynamix

    Add a little pop of color.

    Playing with little touches of color can really make these objects stand out. But be gentle and don’t overdo it! You have many different options that look amazing: white furniture against a colorful wall, colorful items that communicate with each other, white objects that have colorful prints (like little pink flowers!) - all these are so refreshing and lively! Remember you don’t have to stay in line with a neutral color palette. You can definitely play with bright and vibrant pops of color for depth and variation in your space.

    Paramount area rug

    Not into color? Pair black & white.

    If you want to create a dramatic, edgy look in your space, go for black and white! This classic combination has a stunning effect, with a bold statement. This look really works well with geometric shapes, like a round coffee table and a rectangle area rug, or the other way round! Play with it to get the perfect look you’re looking for!

    Jersey Area rug

    Image by @thecuratedfarmhouse

    Go for a “Wow” effect with Metal!

    Oh, white and metal. Such a beautiful combination! To pair your white with the perfect metal for a timeless look, go for brass, copper, gold and stainless steel. Those metals would work well in your kitchen or with lighting fixtures in your living room. What a crisp and trendy look!

    Kitchen Mat home dynamix


    Create visual interest.

    Color is not the only way to create visual interest! Oh yes, you can play with different styles of furniture, fabrics, and accessories. And you know what? If you pair them with different shades of white, that would also create an unforgettable look. Layer shades of tone-on-tone white varieties that have different textures and create harmony. For instance, an area rug, window treatments, upholstery in different shades of white can really bring cohesion to a white room and anchor all the elements.

    Home Dynamix Area rug

    Image by  @blindseyj


    White upholstery? YES!

    I know what you’re thinking. White upholstery is a big NO because it’s harder to keep clean. But there are some fabrics that may be suitable and don’t show dirt quickly. Go for faux leather, faux suede or white denim that are ideal for busy homes. And if you have kids and pets, consider using white upholstery in rooms that they don’t visit, like your bedroom.

    Area rug home dynamix