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    Trendy Home Essentials

    Trendy Home Essentials

    I love how contemporary homes have this cleanliness that is just so inviting! From the lively plants to the "Good vibes only" sign, you're probably familiar with this popular style that is taking over homes, stores, and fashionable restaurants. So I wanted to create this list of trendy items that not only Millenials love!

    Home Letters
    Botanical Prints
    Chunky Knit Blanket
    Millennial Pink
    Cheeky Doormat
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    Faux Cowhide
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    Mid-Century Modern Couch
    Brass Accents

    7 Tips to Decorate Your Dining Room

    7 Tips to Decorate Your Dining Room

    Family mealtime is very important for my family. This is why the dining room is one of my favorite spaces in our home, and the one I feel most proud of. It’s where beautiful moments are created together.

    As the social center of your home, the decor you choose for your dining room can create a pleasant and joyful atmosphere, that will affect the communication during meals. So make sure to create a space that you truly love spending time in with family and friends, and enjoy those delicious meals! Here are my best tips for decorating this so important space.

    Start with the right table.

    Before anything else, make sure that the table you choose fits comfortably in your space, so chairs can be moved easily and everyone is able to walk around the table freely. For smaller spaces, opt for a round table. And if your space is big enough, go for a rectangular table that works for the holidays as well.

    area rug home dynamix


    No need to match!

    As matching dining sets are always welcome, you can fresh things up by mixing a variety of textures and styles. Start with the table that you love, then add complementary chairs that share one thing in common with your table, like the color. You can even go for a clean look with trendy, transparent dining chairs!

    area rug home dynamix

    Let color set the tone.

    Set the tone for your dining room with the colors you choose for your linens, dishes and other decor elements. You can match them to create harmony in your space, especially if you go with neutral colors. But if you want to spruce it up a little, try adding a pop of color with a fun printed runner, tablecloth or rug.

    area rug home dynamix

    Don’t over accessorize.

    It’s tempting to make your dining table interesting by adding centerpieces. But keep in mind that adding too many accessories to your table will make it seem cluttered, and can even be in the way while eating. If you have a round table, one centerpiece is definitely enough. And if your table is rectangular, two-three objects should be the maximum.

    Area rug home dynamix

    Keep it clean.

    Remember that the dining room is the space not only for social gathering and family time but also where you eat. So it’s super important that it fits this purpose, by staying tidy, clean and pleasant.

    area rug home dynamix


    Hang art.

    Hanging your favorite art in the dining room will give it your personal touch and can really brighten it up. My tip would be to hang it lower than you would in other rooms, so it will be at eye-level when sitting.

    area rug home dynamix

    Layer lighting.

    Mix lighting sources like floor lamps, wall fixtures, and candles, to allow yourself a range of lighting options to fit any mood, from very bright to soft and intimate.

    area rug home dynamix

    How to Care for Your Houseplants

    How to Care for Your Houseplants

    If you’re like me, you’re probably familiar with the frustration of seeing your houseplants die. But here’s the thing: I always remember to water them and place them in a sunny spot, so how come they always turn yellow and droop? I really love plants and believe they bring a positive energy into any space, so I decided to do a little research and find out how to make them live longer. If you think you have “bad luck” with indoor plants, here’s my guide! I hope you’d find it helpful!

    Here comes the sun.

    Is the spot you chose for your plant bright enough? To check if your plant enjoys the benefits of direct sunlight, look for its new growth. Is it pale and weak? If it’s still growing but sheds leaves and looks floppy, then it’s probably lacking sunlight. What’s the solution? Move it to a South-facing window and keep the blinds open during the day. If that’s not possible, try a West-facing window, which is better than an East-facing window. Keep in mind that a North-facing window gets the least light. Also, avoid re-locating or rotating your plants too frequently, as they will need to orient themselves towards the sun, causing the older leaves to die.


    area rug, home dynamix, indoor plant

    Water it right!

    If your healthy-looking plant died suddenly from being dry, and you did remember to water it, it might be that you were watering it the wrong way. When you water your plants every day, the plant becomes dependent and lazy, and therefore grows weaker roots. If you later forget to give it the same constant attention, then it will adjust to the sudden change by shedding its leaves. Another this is that if the potting soil gets completely dry, it won’t absorb water and it will drain them out, making you think the soil is saturated when it’s not. Luckily, there are a few solutions! First, make sure to re-pot your plant in a big pot with drainage holes as soon as possible, because more soil is able to hold the water for a longer period of time. Don’t water your plants as often as you used to, but when you do, soak it in the sink to allow it to grow stronger roots. Keep your plant in a tray, so it will fill up with the water your plant didn’t absorb. After a day or two, the soil will re-absorb the water left in the tray. If you tend to forget watering your plants, don’t use clay pots as they allow water to evaporate out of the side, causing your plant to dry so much faster.

    Take care of the roots.

    Drainage holes are super important because they allow water to drain from the soil and enable air to flow freely. That way, water doesn’t stand around the roots, what may cause them to rot. If the roots sit in water for too long, they will probably die soon. Be sure to choose pots that have drainage holes, and if it’s not possible, use a layer of pebbles, as a way to keep excess water away from the roots of your plant.


    berkeley area rug, home dynamix, plants

    Keep them clean.

    Your plants also get dusty at home, and that may block the sunlight. When you notice dust, rinse it gently with lukewarm water, your plant will enjoy the shower! And if you’ve got a big potted plant, no worries. Just wipe the leaves with a moist sponge or cloth. After cleaning your plants, let them air dry. They will look spotlessly clean and will enjoy the sun even more!


    Area rug, Home dynamix, houseplant


    It ain’t over!

    If your plant sheds its leaves and looks unhealthy, it doesn’t mean it’s dead! Plants can keep growing after trauma or after they’ve gone dormant. Before you throw it away, trim off the dead parts. Be patient and see what happens! It might surprise you with fresh new leaves.

    5 Tips for Mixing Décor Styles

    5 Tips for Mixing Décor Styles

    I’m the type of person who just can’t make decisions. I enjoy a lot of different things and love to keep my options open. That’s why I believe that mixing styles at home keeps it dynamic and interesting. From traditional to trendy, how to mix it together without turning it into a complete disaster?

    1. Choose a color palette. Tie unlike items together by something they have in common. Your décor will look cohesive and make more sense if you use a consistent color. If you have a traditional sofa and want to bring a modern touch into your living room, try a trendy rug in the same shade.

      splash area rug home dynamix

    2. Incorporate the multiple styles throughout the room. If all your vintage items are placed on one side of the room, they’re not going to blend into the room well. Instead, place those vintage items throughout the room. It will be easier for the eye to accept and the space will feel more balanced.

    3. Find a bridge. Transitional items can bring the decades closer together because they feature both traditional and modern elements at the same time.

    4. Make friends. Furniture friends. Everything in your room needs a friend. Every item should have at least one buddy who shares something in common: color, style or finish. Otherwise, this item will look and feel like the oddball.

    5. Match the wood. Even completely contrasting periods of wooden furniture can look good together if they are made from the same wood. Be consistent with the wood types and tones, to achieve visual harmony.

      airmont area rug home dynamix

    Whatever you do, remember that nothing is written in stone. Try to mix and match yourself and see what feels right. You’ll know the difference when it’s a fit.

    5 Feng Shui Tips for Beginners

    5 Feng Shui Tips for Beginners

    Decorating is my thing. Gorgeous items that are also functional just make me happy. But when I decorate, I also like to consider how the design affects my mood. I love visual harmony that brings balance into my home.
    Feng shui can help achieve good energy and promote well-being. The principles are super complex, but there are easy tips that you can apply in your home right away.

    1. Clean the clutter. The most important rule in feng shui is no clutter. This will allow the energy (also called chi) to flow freely throughout your space and clear the old energy residues. Don’t neglect any area, your home is an ecosystem. Be sure to devote a set time to toss out what you don’t use or need, or simply - just don’t love anymore. And if it’s broken - fix it!

    2. Help good energy come into your home. Starting from the outside, place a clean and positive doormat. This is your face to the world and it affects how energy comes into your home. Next, open the door. Does it open all the way? It should, because it allows opportunity to come in. The entrance should feel welcoming: free of obstacles like shoes or packages on the floor. Another way to create good energy is to place an entry rug, that leads from the front door and on into the living space. 

      Doormat Home Dynamix
    3. Use mirrors to bring light into a dark entrance. However, an important rule to follow is to avoid placing mirrors directly across from the door, since it creates an uneasy feeling. Place mirrors on the walls to the side of the entrance.

    4. A bedroom needs a soft, sensual energy. Your bed represents stability and support, therefore it is best to install a headboard to the base of your bed. To create balance around your bed, it should be open on both sides to allow space for both people sleeping in it (even if you’re single, it will send a message that you have room for someone new). Don’t store anything underneath the bed to avoid subconscious block. Create a calm atmosphere with a sheet set or a rug in neutral colors with modest pattern. Besides, a soft rug that feels wonderful underneath your feet, is a great start to your day. 

      Bedroom rug Home Dynamix
    5. Don’t let the energy escape the bathroom. Drains and openings in the bathroom allow the energy to escape. To minimize the loss, keep the drains covered and the toilet lid closed after you flush. It is also recommended to add the earth element by adding gold, yellow and taupe towels or mats

    There’s a lot more to feng shui, but these tips are easy to apply and will result in good energy in your home!