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    Tips for Decorating your Patio

    Tips for Decorating your Patio

    Your patio is an extension of your home, and therefore of your personal style. So you gotta treat it like part of your home and celebrate it with comfy furniture, warm lighting, and a cozy outdoor rug. It is a space to cherish, where you can invite over your friends and family or simply sit by yourself to rest, relax and enjoy the serenity of your outdoors. With these decorating ideas, you can truly make the best of it!

    Bring warmth from the inside.
    Make your patio comfortable by adding the same warmth you would normally add to your home. Place a gorgeous outdoor rug, fun patterned pillows, a sweet tablecloth, or anything else that screams “home”. Drape a throw blanket over the chairs, and add your personal touch with framed photos.

    Patio Sofia outdoor rug

    Lighting is the key.
    Your patio is the perfect place to spend the summer nights. Hang lightings or place a lamp to light up the entire space and give it this magical touch. You can also decorate it with candles, candlesticks, and lanterns, that instantly add romance to the space and create a cozy, indoor atmosphere. You can protect the candles from the wind by placing around them glass cylinders.

    Connect the indoor with the outdoor.
    Make sure that the shift from the house to the patio is smooth. You can create balance between the interior and the exterior by adding elements that match the inside. Tie the indoor and outdoor items by something they have in common, like using a consistent color or choosing furniture that shares the same style in common.

    Decorate with plants.
    Not only will it set higher mood level, you will also be able to enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors. You can incorporate potted plants or a container garden with your favorite flowers or herbs. And if you don’t have any free space, you can even plant vertically on the wall or on the fence!