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    Fun Decorating Tips for Kids' Rooms

    Fun Decorating Tips for Kids' Rooms

    Most of the times, when I think about decorating my kids’ rooms it looks like a challenge I don’t feel like facing. On one hand, I want to do my best to follow their interests and what they love, like cars or everything pink, but on the other hand, the room will need to change as they quickly mature and I don’t want to redecorate every year.

    Before I get to my decorating tips, I’ll share with you the one thing I keep reminding myself of. Decorating your kids’ room should be fun. It should be cherished. Before we know it, our kids will be grown and gone. So I want to make the most of it while I still can, and I remind myself to never sweat the small stuff. If they love a certain color or theme, I try to go along with it and let them have their say.

    So, now we’re ready to start with my decorating tips!


    Go with what they love, as long as it’s flexible.

    I know, your son is so into cars and he just gotta have that car-shaped bed. But keep in mind that in a few years, he’ll outgrow this passion and it will be time to buy a new bed. Instead, you can buy a simpler bed that can be used for any child at any age, and choose a car’s print bedding set that you can change whenever he tires of the theme. Another great idea is to decorate with wall decals. They can complement an overall theme or simply add fun to plain, white walls. You can place the decals together with your kids, and they can easily be removed and replaced when you want to modify the room’s style.

    Cars Bedding


    Allow them the space they need.

    Kids need space to play, move around and entertain friends. Allow them room to grow by maximizing the space. Push the bed against the wall, to open up the floor for playing. You can even place a sweet area rug, that is also educational like this brilliant Eric Carle rug, to make playing even more fun and comfy.

    Elementary area rug Eric Carle

    Keep games and toys accessible.

    Storing their belongings in containers and open shelves will not only organize the mess, but also will allow them to see where each toy is stored, and easily access it whenever playtime resumes. You can keep matching toys and games together to make it easier for them to understand where to find what they’re looking for.

    Bring it down to their level.

    Your child wants to be involved when you pick clothes in the morning or when you choose a book before bedtime. Be sure to store everything low enough for them to reach it, and provide a footstool for higher items, so they won’t need to climb to reach it. You can also label drawers and containers, to make it simpler for them to remember where everything is stored.

    Kids' Room


    Shared bedrooms don’t have to match!

    We tend to decorate a shared bedroom with matching beddings, furniture and artwork. But some kids prefer to have more individuality. When that’s the case, you can let each kid choose the style and colors that they love on their side of the room.