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    News — furniture

    Vacation Home

    Vacation Home

    I’ve always wanted a vacation house, but if you follow me often, you know I have royal taste on a peasant budget.  That doesn’t stop me from daydreaming, though, about all the things I would do if I could afford it - like the beach house of my dreams!  With that being said, and the weather slowly coming around to “beach weather”, today we’re going to discuss decorating a vacation home!
    As with any home project, the first step is coming up with a plan or “theme”, whether it’s a simple color or something more specific like a place (I.E. boardwalk) or thing (I.E. anchors), having an idea of what you want the finished product to be BEFORE you start to decorate can really help steer you in the right direction!  This theme can be brought to life via the walls, the furniture, the décor or a mixture or the three – and it can be as subtle or obvious as you want.  My dream vacation home would be decked out (yes, that’s a pun) in a nautical theme – think ships, anchors, fish nets, life rings, sea shells, nautical compass… sorry I got a little carried away, but you get the point.
    Once your theme is set, it’s time to paint!  Now that you know how you plan to decorate the space, you can create a color palette that compliments your motif and ties the whole house together.  For example, my nautical themed home would have a color palette of cool ocean blues, warm sandy neutrals and bright yellows and oranges to mimic the sunrise and sunset.  Another thing to keep in mind is that paint does not have to be boring; you can easily add life to a room by painting with effects such as accent walls, chair rails, sponge painting, textured rollers, etc.
    Now that the paint is up and dried, it’s time to furnish!  This two-step process involves furniture and flooring.  When furnishing a vacation home, it’s important that it’s all easy to clean, as you will have wet bathing suits and sandy toes in and out on a daily basis.  My dream beach house would have finished wood floors (since they’re the easiest to clean and wall-to-wall carpeting sounds like a nightmare) with accent rugs for some added décor and texture.  When it comes to furniture, I would opt for an outdoor couch in the living room so it is waterproof and easy to clean; as for the rest of the furniture, I would definitely utilize some of my pallet furniture from my previous post!
    After the floors and furniture are installed, it’s time to decorate – my favorite part!  This is where you get to really add your personal flair to the space; I would put up pictures of my family enjoying the beach as well as scenery pictures, hang real-life “beach items” on the walls, light beach-y candles and hang up signs that had to do with vacation life.  The best part about decorating is that there is no end, you can constantly add, change and rearrange as you find more things that suite your taste and as you create more memories that will last a lifetime!

    Pallet Palate

    Pallet Palate

                I’m always on the lookout for unique ways to change up my house, and with three kids who also have [expensive] wants I’m left with two options: spend insane amounts of money OR look for cheaper ways to satisfy my itch.  I usually go with the latter.  Recently I’ve taken an interest in pallet…yes, as in shipping pallets.  I never realized just how much you can do with one of them – they are so versatile!  From shipping, to furniture, to wall décor, with a little ingenuity and some elbow grease you can turn a palette in to almost anything you could imagine.

                In my house, we love movies, but there is never enough room on the couch for us to all fit comfortably – which brings us to my FAVORITE pallet up-cycle: CINEMA SEATING.  I love that you can make it as big or small and any shape you want so no matter what it’ll fit your home AND your style.  To complete this project, you need your desired design, pallets, paint, various cushions, and of course tools (drill, screws and sander, to be exact!)  If you can find used pallets (and trust me, you can, google it) all you need to buy is paint and cushions (if you’re really crafty, you can make cushions and save even more!), making this a rather cheap project that will seriously revamp your home!

                One thing I love is my bed… seriously, like stay-in-bed-all-day kind of love.  For the longest time though, I didn’t have a headboard, I saw them as pretty to look at, but not useful enough to actually purchase one.  Then I saw the pallet headboard, another DIY craft that adds a lot of value with little out of pocket; and with so many ways to build these headboards, each as is as unique as the person who will sleep there!  You can make your headboard as big or small as you want, leave the gaps between planks or add planks to fill them up, add lights or fixtures or leave it plain, etc. the possibilities are limitless!



                In the interest in keeping this post short and sweet, I’ll just quickly list the other furniture possibilities before moving on.  You can use pallet furniture in every room of your house: beds for the kids’ rooms, tables for the kitchen and living room, desk for your office, room dividers for anywhere, etc.  You can also bring your pallet furniture outside in the form of lawn chairs, swings, bike racks... I can go on and on but you get the point.

                I haven’t forgotten about the wall décor, walls need love too!  And if you’re anything like me, your wine addiction also needs love – which brings us to my favorite wall décor pallet hack, a wine rack!  As with the other pallet DIYs, there are multiple ways to make this: size, color, shape, how many bottles it holds, and the ability to hold glasses are just some of the ways you can customize your wine rack.  For this project, you’ll need a pallet, paint/stain, nails/screws, and tools (such as a drill, hammer, crowbar, and a saw.)

                If you’re not much of a drinker, or you’d just rather put other things on display in your home (such as pictures….) you can create various sized and shaped shelves to hold picture frames, hooks (for clothing, keys or jewelry) flower pots and more!

                I may be MIA for a while, as my next few weekends are booked solid with all the pallet projects I plan on doing!