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    News — Feng shui

    5 Feng Shui Tips for Beginners

    5 Feng Shui Tips for Beginners

    Decorating is my thing. Gorgeous items that are also functional just make me happy. But when I decorate, I also like to consider how the design affects my mood. I love visual harmony that brings balance into my home.
    Feng shui can help achieve good energy and promote well-being. The principles are super complex, but there are easy tips that you can apply in your home right away.

    1. Clean the clutter. The most important rule in feng shui is no clutter. This will allow the energy (also called chi) to flow freely throughout your space and clear the old energy residues. Don’t neglect any area, your home is an ecosystem. Be sure to devote a set time to toss out what you don’t use or need, or simply - just don’t love anymore. And if it’s broken - fix it!

    2. Help good energy come into your home. Starting from the outside, place a clean and positive doormat. This is your face to the world and it affects how energy comes into your home. Next, open the door. Does it open all the way? It should, because it allows opportunity to come in. The entrance should feel welcoming: free of obstacles like shoes or packages on the floor. Another way to create good energy is to place an entry rug, that leads from the front door and on into the living space. 

      Doormat Home Dynamix
    3. Use mirrors to bring light into a dark entrance. However, an important rule to follow is to avoid placing mirrors directly across from the door, since it creates an uneasy feeling. Place mirrors on the walls to the side of the entrance.

    4. A bedroom needs a soft, sensual energy. Your bed represents stability and support, therefore it is best to install a headboard to the base of your bed. To create balance around your bed, it should be open on both sides to allow space for both people sleeping in it (even if you’re single, it will send a message that you have room for someone new). Don’t store anything underneath the bed to avoid subconscious block. Create a calm atmosphere with a sheet set or a rug in neutral colors with modest pattern. Besides, a soft rug that feels wonderful underneath your feet, is a great start to your day. 

      Bedroom rug Home Dynamix
    5. Don’t let the energy escape the bathroom. Drains and openings in the bathroom allow the energy to escape. To minimize the loss, keep the drains covered and the toilet lid closed after you flush. It is also recommended to add the earth element by adding gold, yellow and taupe towels or mats

    There’s a lot more to feng shui, but these tips are easy to apply and will result in good energy in your home!