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    7 Tips to Decorate Your Dining Room

    7 Tips to Decorate Your Dining Room

    Family mealtime is very important for my family. This is why the dining room is one of my favorite spaces in our home, and the one I feel most proud of. It’s where beautiful moments are created together.

    As the social center of your home, the decor you choose for your dining room can create a pleasant and joyful atmosphere, that will affect the communication during meals. So make sure to create a space that you truly love spending time in with family and friends, and enjoy those delicious meals! Here are my best tips for decorating this so important space.

    Start with the right table.

    Before anything else, make sure that the table you choose fits comfortably in your space, so chairs can be moved easily and everyone is able to walk around the table freely. For smaller spaces, opt for a round table. And if your space is big enough, go for a rectangular table that works for the holidays as well.

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    No need to match!

    As matching dining sets are always welcome, you can fresh things up by mixing a variety of textures and styles. Start with the table that you love, then add complementary chairs that share one thing in common with your table, like the color. You can even go for a clean look with trendy, transparent dining chairs!

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    Let color set the tone.

    Set the tone for your dining room with the colors you choose for your linens, dishes and other decor elements. You can match them to create harmony in your space, especially if you go with neutral colors. But if you want to spruce it up a little, try adding a pop of color with a fun printed runner, tablecloth or rug.

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    Don’t over accessorize.

    It’s tempting to make your dining table interesting by adding centerpieces. But keep in mind that adding too many accessories to your table will make it seem cluttered, and can even be in the way while eating. If you have a round table, one centerpiece is definitely enough. And if your table is rectangular, two-three objects should be the maximum.

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    Keep it clean.

    Remember that the dining room is the space not only for social gathering and family time but also where you eat. So it’s super important that it fits this purpose, by staying tidy, clean and pleasant.

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    Hang art.

    Hanging your favorite art in the dining room will give it your personal touch and can really brighten it up. My tip would be to hang it lower than you would in other rooms, so it will be at eye-level when sitting.

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    Layer lighting.

    Mix lighting sources like floor lamps, wall fixtures, and candles, to allow yourself a range of lighting options to fit any mood, from very bright to soft and intimate.

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