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    News — decorating tips

    Trendy Home Essentials

    Trendy Home Essentials

    I love how contemporary homes have this cleanliness that is just so inviting! From the lively plants to the "Good vibes only" sign, you're probably familiar with this popular style that is taking over homes, stores, and fashionable restaurants. So I wanted to create this list of trendy items that not only Millenials love!

    Home Letters
    Botanical Prints
    Chunky Knit Blanket
    Millennial Pink
    Cheeky Doormat
     Image by @cutertudor
    Faux Cowhide
    Image by @decoratordiva1
    Image by  @farmhouse40 
    Mid-Century Modern Couch
    Brass Accents

    Decorating White Rooms

    Decorating White Rooms

    White interior - white walls, white floors, white furniture. Ah. the freshness! I’ve never seen a white room that I didn’t love, it’s so clean and airy, sometimes even bold, but most people find it awfully boring (or extremely impractical)! Since I’m thinking lately to redecorate, I’ve gathered these wonderful tips for both you and I, to help us make more room for whites in our homes.

    Don’t ignore the different shades of white.

    It’s easy to relate to all the white undertones as “white”, but keep in mind that there are so many variations! From warm, yellowish or milky undertones, to crisp, blueish, cool undertones - each variation will set a different mood in your space. Consider the appearance you want to achieve, either it’s warmer or cooler, but also remember the natural lighting in the room. Because if it gets a lot of natural light, then it probably already looks warmer, therefore a cooler shade of white would look better, and vice versa.

    Lafayette accent rug home dynamix

    Add a little pop of color.

    Playing with little touches of color can really make these objects stand out. But be gentle and don’t overdo it! You have many different options that look amazing: white furniture against a colorful wall, colorful items that communicate with each other, white objects that have colorful prints (like little pink flowers!) - all these are so refreshing and lively! Remember you don’t have to stay in line with a neutral color palette. You can definitely play with bright and vibrant pops of color for depth and variation in your space.

    Paramount area rug

    Not into color? Pair black & white.

    If you want to create a dramatic, edgy look in your space, go for black and white! This classic combination has a stunning effect, with a bold statement. This look really works well with geometric shapes, like a round coffee table and a rectangle area rug, or the other way round! Play with it to get the perfect look you’re looking for!

    Jersey Area rug

    Image by @thecuratedfarmhouse

    Go for a “Wow” effect with Metal!

    Oh, white and metal. Such a beautiful combination! To pair your white with the perfect metal for a timeless look, go for brass, copper, gold and stainless steel. Those metals would work well in your kitchen or with lighting fixtures in your living room. What a crisp and trendy look!

    Kitchen Mat home dynamix


    Create visual interest.

    Color is not the only way to create visual interest! Oh yes, you can play with different styles of furniture, fabrics, and accessories. And you know what? If you pair them with different shades of white, that would also create an unforgettable look. Layer shades of tone-on-tone white varieties that have different textures and create harmony. For instance, an area rug, window treatments, upholstery in different shades of white can really bring cohesion to a white room and anchor all the elements.

    Home Dynamix Area rug

    Image by  @blindseyj


    White upholstery? YES!

    I know what you’re thinking. White upholstery is a big NO because it’s harder to keep clean. But there are some fabrics that may be suitable and don’t show dirt quickly. Go for faux leather, faux suede or white denim that are ideal for busy homes. And if you have kids and pets, consider using white upholstery in rooms that they don’t visit, like your bedroom.

    Area rug home dynamix

    How to Make your Home Pet-Friendly

    How to Make your Home Pet-Friendly

    I love my dog (she’s definitely one of my favorite family members), but if you’re also a pet owner, you probably already know how messy your house can get. These four-legged friends leave their mark with pet hair, stains, footprints, and what not? From a pet owner's point of view, here are a few tips to keep your floors, walls, and furniture as clean as possible, while adjusting your home to your pet’s needs.


    Choose the right flooring
    Try to avoid polished planks or tiles as they can be very slippery, especially for an old pet. Hardwood floor is also something to avoid because it’s hard to keep clean from puddle stains. If possible, go for a hard-surface floor that is easier to clean and feels cooler during the hot summer days. Such flooring includes ceramic tiles, painted concrete or laminate flooring. Also, be sure to trim your pet’s nails on a regular basis, to avoid them from scratching the floor.


    Place an area rug for a variety of purposes!
    To be on the safe side, you can add a slip-proof area rug or a rubber mat for extra protection against slipping, claws marks and stains. Not only will it enhance the beauty of your space, but it will also be the perfect, comfy spot for your pet to nap. You can go for an area rug with a colorful pattern that draws the attention from dirt or stains. You should definitely avoid a wall-to-wall carpet, it requires more maintenance as it can’t be picked up for cleaning.


     Go for pet-friendly fabrics

    It’s best to avoid any furniture covered in velvet, chenille or tweed, as they attract pet hair. Delicate fabrics, like silk, are also something to keep out because your pet can easily scratch and ruin it. If you must use it, go for a window treatment that your pet can’t reach. Better fabrics are Crypton, denim, canvas or Ultrasuede. Try matching the colors of these fabrics to your pet’s fur, so their hair won’t be visible.


    Paint it right! 
    You’ve probably noticed that your cat or dog likes to rub up against the walls when passing by, and they also tend to spray drool, leave smudges or scratch the walls. So it’s better to avoid flat-finish paint or beautiful wallpapers in the rooms they tend to visit most. Instead, go for semi-gloss wall paint, satin or eggshell finishes or a washable paint, for easy wiping.


    Create a special spot
    The perfect spot for your pet should be spacious enough for them to play with their toys. Make this space safe by keeping out edgy furniture or breakable objects. If your pet spends most of the time at home, be sure to provide a window view overlooking the street. If the window is open, install screens or bars for extra safety. Treat them to a soft and comfy bed that ensures a supportive sleep surface. You can even choose a stylish bed that complements your decor!


    General tips:

    • Be prepared. Keep your cleaning products and rags in reach, just in case your pet piddles or barfs on your furniture or carpet.
    • Place a throw on the furniture your pet usually likes to lounge on.
    • Protect your bed with duvet covers that can be removed and washed regularly or whenever you share your bed with your pet. Cover your mattress with a thick, moisture-resistant pad.
    • Prefer couches and chairs that have exposed legs. 
    • If you use window treatments, go for short drapes that don’t pool on the floor. 
    • Wipe your pet’s paws whenever your return from a walk outside, to protect your furniture and floor from stains and dirt.

    Image by @Farmhouse40

    Over the Cold: Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

    Over the Cold: Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

    I know it’s still snowing outside and winter is still here, but it won’t last forever and I’m more than ready to welcome the spring that will officially come our way on March 20th. Soon, days will get longer and sunnier, daffodils will turn the parks yellow, and I will start refreshing my home.

    So start the countdown and spruce up your home for spring with these awesome tips!

    Lighten things up with breezy fabrics. Changing heavy fabrics and dark tones with breezy textures, soft color palettes, and fun, floral prints will definitely freshen the entire space. Update your decorative pillows, curtains, tablecloth, area rugs or even your bedding to set a light, springy mood.

    Oxford Area Rug Home Dynamix

    Bring some plants inside. Nothing evokes the spirit of spring better than fresh foliage or flowers. Place them in fun vases, refresh the water regularly and trim the bottom of the stems, to extend their lives and prolong their freshness.

    Play with color. Anything colorful, from accessories to art or an area rug, is an easy way to freshen your home for spring. Use green, pink or yellow to really invite the spring in. Place a cheerful area rug or a floral stool in your living room, place some fun accents on your coffee table, and you will notice their immediate impact.

    Floral Garden Decorative Stool

    Bring the freshness in with scents. Stock your home with scented candles, essential oils, air fresheners or reed diffusers in wonderful springy fragrances like lavender, citrus, jasmine or rose petals. Ahh, it’s the perfect whiff!  

    How to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere in Your Home

    How to Create a Welcoming Atmosphere in Your Home

    A welcoming atmosphere is something most people will recognize when they step into a room. There’s something warm, comforting and inviting you can’t really put your finger on, but you know it’s there. How can you create a space you and your guests will love spending time in? It’s hard to define and even harder to show in photos, but here are a few tips to get you inspired.

    First thing first.
    The entryway and first impressions go a long way in making your home feel welcoming and inviting. Starting with your entrance is quick and easy and will make a big difference. Clear the doorway from shoes, toys and your mail, make sure the lighting is good and place a good old outdoor mat.

    Fiesta Welcome Outdoor Mat

    Make room for guests.
    Is your coat closet too crowded? Do you have an umbrella stand when it’s raining outside? Maybe an extra doormat to take off wet or icy shoes? Creating guest space is simple and will make them feel welcome in your home.

    Create intimacy with seating.
    You can make your living room feel more inviting by arranging the seating closer together without too many objects in between. That way guests won’t be too distant from each other, resulting in a comforting and pleasant experience.

    Use appealing textures.
    You can make any space feel more comfortable by incorporating textured items that invite you to touch them, like a fluffy area rug in your living room, smooth wooden furniture, faux fur pillows and other cozy items.

    Carmela area rug Home Dynamix


    Play with the lights.
    There are a few types of lighting, the most common are ambient lighting (your general lighting like recessed cans, flush mount etc), task lighting (like a desk lamp) and accent lighting (for up-lighting plants, for example). Use layers of these three types and play with it, until you reach the magic spot that creates the atmosphere you love in your space.

    Something smells good!
    Smell also plays a big role in creating a pleasant environment. Scented candles, fragrance sticks, fresh flowers, or a freshly baked cake, will make your home feel super inviting!

    Use warm colors.
    As colors can affect our mood, warm colors remind us of the sunlight’s warmth, burning fire and relaxing sand. Warm colors can add character and interest to any space, especially if you used neutrals in your color scheme.

    Synergy area rug home dynamix

    Your home should reflect your personality.
    Most importantly, being true to your own personal style will instantly add the character that will set the right atmosphere in your home. So no matter what you do and which designer tips you choose to follow, your home should reflect who you are.