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    Tricks to Keep Your House Clean

    Tricks to Keep Your House Clean

    If you’re anything like me, stating that you don’t like cleaning would be an understatement. With that being said, I sure love that my home looks sparkly clean! Given that my kids are super messy, this is quite a challenge. But no challenge would stop me, so here are my best tips for keeping your house clean at all times (or at least, most of the time)!


    It’s all about the routine.

    You can’t keep your house clean if you don’t give it daily attention. Keep that in mind: the bigger the mess, the longer it takes to clean it. If you leave the cleaning to a specific day in the week, you’ll end up with hours of doing chores, and a house that is clean only for a few hours a week. I believe that it’s better to do a little every day, that way it never takes too long, and the result is that your house is always clean. Just spend as little as 20 minutes a day, and it will make the world of difference.


    Deal with the little tasks.

    It takes a minute to deal with your mail, make your bed, and put the remote control in its place. But for some reason, we love to procrastinate on these little tasks. And as we do, it makes the house looks like such a chaos. I’m still straggling with this one, but really, I try to remind to myself every time: it won’t disappear if I won’t deal with it. Moreover, if I don’t deal with it now, it’s just going to be harder to deal with it when the whole house is a total mess. So I really make an effort to deal with those things right on time. Even if the house isn’t sparkly clean, when all things are in their place, it still looks way better.


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    Don’t neglect the kitchen!

    One thing that really is a game changer for me is the kitchen! On one hand, dealing with dirty dishes and kitchen counter is my least favorite task, but on the other hand, if I wake up in the morning and there’s a big pile of dishes in the sink – it can literally ruin my whole day! It makes me so upset I don’t even want to eat breakfast or drink my coffee! So even if I don’t deal with other tasks, I remind myself that a clean kitchen is not optional, it’s mandatory! So no matter how tired I am at the end of the day, or how big that pile is, I have to deal with it. Or, make someone else deal with it. But it is the minimum I have to do to assure my mornings are pleasant.


    Make it fun!

    Sounds weird, right? But I try to distract myself while cleaning, to make it (slightly) more fun. If I’m alone at home when I clean, I like to play my favorite music and sing along with it. You won’t believe how distractive that is! Sometimes, I can even enjoy the chores like that. And when my husband is at home, I like to do some of the chores with him. So he can do the laundry while I fold the clean clothes. Even if it takes more time because we’re talking or paying attention to each other, it makes the cleaning time so much more fun! And for busy families like ours, it’s really an effective way to spend quality time together!


    Stay focused!

    One of the biggest problems of cleaning (except for the fact that I hate doing it, of course), is that text messages, IG notifications or phone calls can really distract me. Every time I get saved by the bell, I jump on the opportunity to focus on something else and neglect the task I was doing, right there, in the middle of it. And gee, getting back to it is sometimes harder than starting it! So I found a trick that works for me. I set the timer for, let’s say, 20 minutes. And during these 20 minutes, I focus solely on that specific task. No matter if I receive a text. The text can wait for 20 minutes. Just keep in mind that this trick works only if you set a reasonable amount of time. If you set the timer for an hour, it’s a lot harder to ignore your phone and other distractions.

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