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    5 Trendy Interior Design Styles to Inspire Your Decor

    5 Trendy Interior Design Styles to Inspire Your Decor

    There’s nothing like a dose of inspiration to get you started on a project you’ve been postponing. If the project is redecorating your home - you’re in luck, because I got you covered!

    My guide to trendy interior design styles will help you get started, with learning a bit about each style and getting some inspiration. Shabby chic, Scandinavian, Nautical… Obviously, the list goes on, but I picked some of the 5 most popular styles out there and my personal favorites!


    Shabby Chic

    The shabby chic style is influenced by vintage elements and usually features more delicate and feminine motifs. The furniture tends to have an antiqued look, and the leading colors are pastels, white and cream, equating to a soft, romantic look. If you’re in love with this dreamy style, make sure that the basic color in your room is white, and add a few touches of pastels. Imperfection is the key! Embrace it and celebrate it, and your space will get this sweet, friendly style that you love so much. Florals, wood, natural flooring and pieces with a distressed finish, will all complement your shabby chic space. To complete the look, you can add the perfect area rug, by the founder of Shabby Chic Couture, Rachel Ashwell (coming soon! Stay tuned).

     Pastel area rug shabby chic


    Modern style offers clean, straight and simple lines, and is often recognized by its simplicity. Colors are very basic, and the most frequent are black, white, red and blue. The total look is unadorned and sleek, as minimalism plays the main role in modern design. The use of natural materials such as wood, leather, metal, glass, and linen is very common. If you’re looking to modernize your home, start by making sure that your space is clean and uncluttered. Keep it simple! Use natural materials, and incorporate transparent pieces to lighten up the heaviness of wooden furniture. A small accent rug in a solid color, like this Arctic shag, will complete your space!

    Arctic accent rug


    Scandinavian décor is known for its simplicity, elegance, and functionality, characterized by earthy soft tones and light colors. You can find many wood furniture used in Scandinavian decor, and the most frequent are light woods like pine and beech. To make your space look more Nordic, be sure to keep it balanced. Light flooring, neutral colors, fresh botanicals, clutter-free interiors, and cozy textiles will all make your space feel like a beautiful Scandinavian home.

    Carmela shag rug


    Nautical design aspires to create a relaxed and comfortable environment by using a coastal look inspired by the beach and ocean. A classic blue, red and white color palette and bold stripes are more than welcome for any nautical interior. To bring the ocean’s breeze into your home, you can blend in warm-wooden elements with a weathered look and sea-themed accents like anchors, boat motifs, life preserver and a mounted map.

     Chelsea bedding



    Bohemian decorating means livening your home by mixing vibrant colors, patterns, and textures. The Bohemian décor philosophy is carefree and has little rules to follow as anything goes. It offers eclectic motifs, usually globally inspired, like ethnic, tribal and nomadic elements. This unique and vigorous look is achieved by warm earthy colors, as well as metallic and jewel tones. Embrace this cheerful, breezy style in your home by mixing different materials with a slightly worn look, play with colors and textures. The main idea is to express your personality without any restrictions.

    Boho area rug