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    My Favorite Items

    My Favorite Items

    It’s so easy to get lost in a sea of options, especially when it comes to the amazing selection on our market! All those gorgeous items were hand-picked by me, but I really wanted to narrow those options down to make it easier for you, guys! Hope you’ll enjoy my picks from each category.

    Area Rug

    My absolute favorite is this geometric area rug from the "Escapades" collection. I love how the shiny yarns delicately shimmer under the light, while the ivory shade blends beautifully wherever it is placed. This area rug just has it all - it’s classic, yet modern. Elegant, but also chic and young. It’s truly unique, and most importantly - it brightens any room.

    Escapades area rug Home Dynamix

    Accent Rug

    It was really hard to pick only one item, but I have to go with this beautiful accent rug from the “Elegant” collection. I just love the medallion pattern, and the warm shades simply set a positive tone for the entire space.

    Elegant area rug Home Dynamix

    Outdoor Mat

    This mat is so sweet it makes me smile every time I get home! I strongly believe that positive words can impact our lives, that’s why I chose to place a welcoming message at my doorstep.

    Fiesta doormat Home Dynamix

    Kitchen Mat

    Your kitchen affects your health and well-being, that’s why I love to incorporate bright, vibrant colors that stimulate the appetite. This adorable, floral print really has a cheerful effect.

    Premier kitchen mat

    Bath Mat

    I love the calming effect of this navy blue bath mat, and if that’s not enough to make you more relaxed, the name of the collection sure will: “Spa Retreat”. It’s simply irresistible!

    Spa Retreat Bath Mat


    I just love this delicate pattern, it’s clean and lively at the same time. Together with the soft blue tone, I’m ready to relax!

    Chealsea Bedding Home Dynamix


    Don’t you just love how this sofa looks so soft and comfy? It almost looks softer than mine!

    Pooch pet sofa

    Decorative Pillow

    This beautiful pillow can truly add a touch of color to any decor, without trying too hard. I simply love it!

    Decorative Pillow

    What are your favorite items? I’d love to see how you incorporate them into your decor!

    8 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home Décor for the New Year

    8 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home Décor for the New Year

    A new year is a perfect opportunity to make personal and lifestyle changes. Just like your hairstyle or wardrobe, your interior design also needs a refresh every now and then. Refreshing your home décor can be quick and easy with some simple touches and without having to break the bank!

    1. Play with color. Adding little pops of color to any room will freshen it easily. Add in bold curtains, or display colorful pieces in open shelving. Fun patterned pillows or vibrant area rugs also go a long way in illuminating any space. 

    2. Bring in some light. A simple way to refresh any room is replacing your current lamp with a new one. A new lamp base or a floor lamp can transform the room and really brighten the entire space.

    3. Enliven any room with a rug. You can instantly create a visual interest and add an artistic touch to any room with the help of an area rug. Bring in new color, texture and pattern to reflect your style and personality, while enjoying its comfort and coziness. 

      Canyon area rug Home Dynamix

    4. Add natural elements. Plants and flowers add a cheerful feeling to any room. Decorative vases filled with fresh, seasonal flowers or tall houseplants will really boost your mood and bring positive emotional feelings.

    5. Incorporate your favorite art. With a picture saying a thousand words, new art can set a fresh tone in your home. It could have a bold statement, reflect your personality or your current taste. 

    6. Bring new life to existing furniture. Refresh your furniture with new accessories. Enliven your dining table with new seating or even mix and match the old with the new. You can also freshen your sofa with new decorative pillows.

    7. Refresh your bookshelves. Becoming a multipurpose item, bookshelves can do more than store literature. Spruce up your shelves with botanics, picture frames, candles or show off your collections.

    8. Make a centerpiece. Easily change the look and feel of any space with a stunning centerpiece. You can add a succulent terrarium at the table, a vase of seasonal flowers or accentuate a specific area of your room with a gorgeous accent rug.

    There is no right or wrong in decorating your home, just remember that adding simple decorative elements can go a long way. You can truly let your imagination run wild and try new things. Let 2018 be a year of positive changes and good vibes!

    How to Turn Your Home into a Ski Lodge

    How to Turn Your Home into a Ski Lodge

    Do you know that feeling when you return to the ski lodge right after you hit the slopes, and everything is so wonderfully cozy and snuggly? Well, you don’t have to head to the snowy mountains to get that feeling. You can bring ski style into your home with some simple decor elements. Get ready for a cozy transformation!

    1. It’s all about texture. You can easily make any space feel cozy by adding chic faux fur pillows, soft shaggy rugs, warm blankets and quilts. Layering these items will not only keep you warm but also add a comfy look and feel straight from a cabin in the Alps. 

    2. Use earthtones. Any ski lodge feels cozy because it’s all about earthtones. Bring some warmth with browns, tans and muted shades that resemble natural colors found in soil, moss trees and rocks. The brown tones and natural fibers of this area rug or the subtle shades of this shag rug will add coziness to any room.

      Earthtones Decor Home Dynamix
    3. Add a glow. During the cold months, a warm, subtle light can go a long way. It illuminates the space without being overwhelming and creates a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. You can make your foyer or porch sparkle by adding a string of lights and some backyards elements like pinecones, leaves, acorns and anything else that warms your heart.

    4. Evoke a forest setting. Grab a few fresh pine branches and place them in a clear glass vase. Your whole home will wrap up with the refreshing smell of pine leaves!

    5. Silver and gold touches. Get into the holiday spirit and embellish your home with shimmering touches of silver and gold. Create your own winter wonderland by adding lustrous elements that will dazzle your holiday mantel or tablescape, and complete the holiday look with an ivory area rug that has a glamorous sheen.

      Christmas Decor Home Dynamix
    6. Layer rugs. Cozy up a room with one rug, make it even cozier with two or three rugs! The best way to layer rugs is to choose complementary patterns and colors while being different enough. This wonderful trend will warm up your entire winter! You can try this solid shag rug on top of this traditional pattern.

    5 Feng Shui Tips for Beginners

    5 Feng Shui Tips for Beginners

    Decorating is my thing. Gorgeous items that are also functional just make me happy. But when I decorate, I also like to consider how the design affects my mood. I love visual harmony that brings balance into my home.
    Feng shui can help achieve good energy and promote well-being. The principles are super complex, but there are easy tips that you can apply in your home right away.

    1. Clean the clutter. The most important rule in feng shui is no clutter. This will allow the energy (also called chi) to flow freely throughout your space and clear the old energy residues. Don’t neglect any area, your home is an ecosystem. Be sure to devote a set time to toss out what you don’t use or need, or simply - just don’t love anymore. And if it’s broken - fix it!

    2. Help good energy come into your home. Starting from the outside, place a clean and positive doormat. This is your face to the world and it affects how energy comes into your home. Next, open the door. Does it open all the way? It should, because it allows opportunity to come in. The entrance should feel welcoming: free of obstacles like shoes or packages on the floor. Another way to create good energy is to place an entry rug, that leads from the front door and on into the living space. 

      Doormat Home Dynamix
    3. Use mirrors to bring light into a dark entrance. However, an important rule to follow is to avoid placing mirrors directly across from the door, since it creates an uneasy feeling. Place mirrors on the walls to the side of the entrance.

    4. A bedroom needs a soft, sensual energy. Your bed represents stability and support, therefore it is best to install a headboard to the base of your bed. To create balance around your bed, it should be open on both sides to allow space for both people sleeping in it (even if you’re single, it will send a message that you have room for someone new). Don’t store anything underneath the bed to avoid subconscious block. Create a calm atmosphere with a sheet set or a rug in neutral colors with modest pattern. Besides, a soft rug that feels wonderful underneath your feet, is a great start to your day. 

      Bedroom rug Home Dynamix
    5. Don’t let the energy escape the bathroom. Drains and openings in the bathroom allow the energy to escape. To minimize the loss, keep the drains covered and the toilet lid closed after you flush. It is also recommended to add the earth element by adding gold, yellow and taupe towels or mats

    There’s a lot more to feng shui, but these tips are easy to apply and will result in good energy in your home!

    Get Ready for Our Black Friday Sale!

    Get Ready for Our Black Friday Sale!

    Autumn is here. Leaves are falling and there’s a pleasant chill in the air. As romantic as it may sound, to shopping lovers like us it only means one thing: Black Friday is coming!
    So if you’re ready to freshen your home, we have some tips to help you make the most of our savings event!

    1. Follow our deals. Whatever your style may be, we wanted to make sure you could save on your favorite items. That’s why everything is on sale! From soft and cozy shag rugs, beautiful traditional designs, to trendy bohemian-chic items - enjoy up to 60% off your entire order! 

      Babylon Rug Home Dynamix
    2. Choose your style. You know that feeling when you get home and the mood is just right? That happens when your interior design reflects your personality. If there’s something in your space that’s just a little off, take the time to find the right style for you. Maybe you wish it was cozier? Crazier? Maybe enliven it with some color? Whatever it is, figuring it out in time for our Black Friday sale, will help you stay focused and find the right pieces to complement any room in your home.

    3. Pick a color scheme. It’s amazing how we react to the colors in our environment. Finding the right color palette will make your home more enjoyable and reduce visual clutter. So if you haven’t already, pick your colors to make your shopping decisions much easier. Then you can check out our beautiful colors, from vibrant to neutral, bold or soothing - they are on sale and waiting just for you!

    4. Make a list. Now that you’ve found your style and color scheme, you are ready to bring gorgeous items into your home! Make a list of what you need to buy. That way when the sale starts, you’ll be well prepared and ready to make the most of it.

    With the right items to complement your décor, your home will thank you.
    Wishing you an amazing holiday!